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Weld correctly, safely and profitably - How to choose the right welding extraction equipment from Nederman

Nederman offers various solutions for removing welding fumes and particles. The solution you choose to achieve high-quality and safe working conditions depends on what welding method is used and how often. So, how do you achieve profitable and safe welding?

1. Mobile extraction / filter units

A cost-effective and flexible solution when fixed installation is not possible or desirable.

2. Permanently mounted extraction arms

Ergonomic and economical solution for several fixed welding workstations.

3. Extractor mounted on tool

Extraction of welding fumes is integrated in the welding gun. Always available when you are welding.  

4. Extraction table

Used when you need an independent welding station without arm. Suitable for continuous welding of smaller items.   

5. Solutions for welding robots

Extraction nozzles are mounted directly on the welding machine or alternatively hoods are installed to protect both sensitive electronics and operators.
For medium and small workshops, solutions 1-3 are the most common.

Nederman's products and solutions contribute to improved production economics, reduce the strain on the environment from various industrial processes and protect people from harmful dust and particles, fibers, gas, welding fume and smoke, vehicle exhaust and oil mist.

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